4 Female Artists Who Made an Impact in the Art World


The origins of some of the most important artistic movements can be traced back to female artists. Whether they left behind inspiring self portraiture, or made a bold feminist statement, they left a lasting mark on our society today. Here are 4 female artists who undeniably left their mark on art history and are recognized…

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Van Gogh & Rembrandt: Self-Portrait Masters from The Netherlands


When we say self-portrait in 2022, we think about selfies. The term ‘selfies’ became so popular in the last century that it was the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the year in 2013. However, the idea is nothing new. Van Gogh and Rembrandt were two of the greats who were masters at it. Vincent Van…

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Self-Portraits: 7 Artists Who Immortalized Themselves


A tried and true practice, self-portraiture has remained popular throughout history. Type in any famous artist’s name like Picasso or Emily Carr into Google and add ‘self-portrait’ to your search… You’re bound to get anywhere between one to a hundred self portraits. To highlight the popularity of the original selfie, let’s take a look at…

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