5 Montreal Artists You Should Know About

Montreal is no stranger to the art scene, so it’s not surprising that it’s home to an incredible collection of established and emerging artists. From the multicultural environment to its beautiful scenery and art murals, it’s a great place for creativity to flourish. Discover some amazing Montreal talents and support local artists!

Holly Friesen

If you are looking for peaceful landscapes, look no further. Holly Friesen’s stunning paintings centre around the theme of nature. Her direct and spontaneous brushstrokes and quiet reverence for the earth make her art stand out! You can see more of her work on Instagram @hollyfriesenart or www.hollyfriesen.com/about-1

Maryline Lemaitre

Maryline Lemaitre’s approach to mixed media draws you right in. In her artworks she accumulates layers of materials, glues, scratches, adds bright shapes and more. The result are pieces full of joy, colour, that fill the viewer with childlike wonder. The topics explored in her art are inspired by her everyday life & memories, but also capture icons such as Frida Kahlo. Read more about Frida here, or find out more about Lemaitre on her Instagram @marylinelemaitre and website www.marylinelemaitre.com/about.

Olivier Salvas

Olivier Salvas’ is a Montreal painter that shows us how powerful contemporary art can be.

With broad brushstrokes, striking colours, and intriguing names like “L’Instant Présent” (which translates as “In the Moment”), Olivier’s paintings lets the viewer take in each piece and reflect on the emotions they bring up. The abstract nature of his work encourages us to pause, be mindful, and lets us process how each work of art resonates with us. 

Take a breather by scrolling through his feed @olivier.salvas or website www.oliviersalvas.com/.

Marjane Saidi

Marjane Saidi’s artwork pays tribute to her culture & past. She describes her paintings as “an ongoing reflection on my personal journey of leaving my homeland.” Elements of her Persian heritage can be seen throughout her works. Her art is a testament to the beauty of Montreal’s cultural diversity that Palbric was founded upon. Explore her work on Instagram @marjane.saidi or www.marjanesaidiart.com/bio 

Marie Santos

Marie Santos shows us how beautiful day-to-day life can be. She paints objects, food, people around her, and in doing so, makes the small things stand out.

Her colourful Modern Impressionist style is used to create expressive, uplifting pieces.

Let yourself find joy in the mundane by exploring her work at @msantosart or www.msantosart.com

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Written by Jillian Simpson