Frida Kahlo: The Life of an Icon, Montreal Exhibition

If you’re looking for something inspirational to do in Montreal this summer, you’ve come to the right place. In the heart of Little Burgundy at Arsenal Contemporary Art museum, you can experience an incredible and immersive biography like no other. Take a journey through the life of one of the most influential artists in history at the Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon exhibition. 

This showcase is not to be confused with an art gallery displaying all her famous paintings. If a modern art gallery is what you’re looking for, check out the works of Milos Reindl on Google Arts & Culture. This instead is a biographical exhibit co-created by the Frida Kahlo Corporation and Layers of Reality. Inside, you will explore different transformational spaces involving historical photographs, original films, digital environments, art installations, and collector’s items that allow you to experience the most relevant moments in her life. 

This experience begins the moment you enter the exhibition space. You are immediately taken through a timeline of her life, highlighting her tragic trials and heart-rending tribulations. The exhibit does not shy away from Kahlo’s hardships, but instead embraces them and turns them into strengths. You begin the journey in disbelief of all her tragedies, but you leave profoundly inspired by her perseverance, creativity, and passion.

The exhibit is a true testament to a strong, determined, resilient woman who overcame so many obstacles and still lived a triumphant and rich life. Kahlo’s works of art, particularly her self portraits, are thought-provoking and inspirational. Her 1939 self-portrait ‘The Two Fridas’ is one of our favourites. Read more about Palbric’s favourite self-portraits here before experiencing this deeply moving immersive biography and allow yourself to be affected by her story. 

Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal will be hosting the Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon exhibition until September 5th, 2022.

Written by Valerie Shoif