Does AI Have a Place in Art?

By Imajery Inc. / 2023-01-16 / Comments Off on Does AI Have a Place in Art?

From digital art to NFTs, and now AI generated art, technology has slowly been claiming its place in the art field. So where do we draw the line? With AI self-portraits recently taking the social media world by storm, more conversations are taking place regarding the ethics of artificial intelligence. What is AI art and…

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Love in Art

By Imajery Inc. / 2023-01-12 / Comments Off on Love in Art

Love has been a primary source of inspiration across so many different types of art; Music, poetry, and of course, visual art. The creative expression of this complex and all-encompassing emotion has led to many popular pieces, such as Klimt’s The Kiss or Magritte’s The Lovers. However, there are so many pieces that haven’t made…

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